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Rotondo Espresso By Lavazza BLUE

Rotondo Espresso by Lavazza BLUE

Lavazza BLUE Rotondo capsules are a 100% Arabica blend of top-quality Brazilian and Indian coffees with a sweet, fragrant aroma. This full-bodied, creamy blend from Lavazza is clean and bright, and legend has it that hints of chocolate follow the nutty caramel undertones.
Ricco Espresso By Lavazza BLUE

Ricco Espresso by Lavazza BLUE

"Strong but mellow"

— says Lavazza about this blend of top-quality Brazilian Arabica (40%), and Asian Robusta beans (60%).
Want to know what that particular Arabica/Robusta mix does for the taste and other characteristics of Ricco? Here's a short and interesting 6-point article by Joseph Rivera at titled "Differences between Arabica and Robusta Coffee".
Caffè Crema Gusto Dolce By Lavazza BLUE

Caffè Crema Gusto Dolce by Lavazza BLUE

Perfect for Americanos and espressos lungo.

A textured, creamy and balanced medium-dark roast blended by Lavazza from a 100% Arabica blend of Brazilian and Indian beans. Lavazza's special roasting, combined with the right grind, yields a particularly sweet and velvety coffee with a persistent after-taste and a thick, golden crema.
Compact Espresso Maker From Lavazza BLUE

Compact Espresso Maker from Lavazza BLUE

The Lavazza LB COMPACT 910 espresso maker is perfect for home, apartment or small office mostly because it's awesomely Italian and brews all our Lavazza BLUE Capsules: from Delicato, Dolce, Intenso, Intenso Double Shot to Decaffeinato—but also because it makes perfect espresso every time in such a small space. Everything about it is stylish and practical: from the water tank, to the used capsule container (holds 8) and it's affordable, just like our Lavazza BLUE capsules.
Delicato Espresso By Lavazza BLUE

Delicato Espresso by Lavazza BLUE

100% Arabica blend with a sweet and fragrant aroma, composed of top-quality Brazilian and Indian coffees. A sweet, mild and creamy blend. The special brewing process, combined with the right grind, yields a sweet, mild and aromatic regular or long espresso, with a persistent crema.
Small Café Model LB2312 From Lavazza BLUE

Small Café Model LB2312 from Lavazza BLUE

Lavazza's LB2312 is the perfect size espresso machine for cafés, small restaurants and offices. Lavazza BLUE is the future of coffee and espresso. The single-serve capsules deliver quality beverages at…

Commercial Model LB4700 From Lavazza BLUE

Commercial Model LB4700 from Lavazza BLUE

Lavazza's LB4700 is a two group coffee machine. On one side there is a traditional steaming arm for frothing milk, however the machine has a fully automatic professional cappuccinatore. Both…

Espresso Famiolia (Home Model) From Lavazza BLUE

Espresso Famiolia (Home Model) from Lavazza BLUE

Two things are going to happen to you when you experience Lavazza's new Home Espresso & Cappuccino machine:
(1) Your friends are going to think you've just graduated from Barista training. (2) Your command of Italian is going to markedly improve.